“This is Us” is boring

Yesterday I started watch This is Us and, instead all of the people I know that have watched this show, I hated it. At the beginning I was into the show, paying attention and think of how nice it was to show diversity on television. A hot guy, a fat lady, a black guy and a couple whose wife was pregnant, and the pregnancy was shown in a different way.

But… After fifteen minutes I get enough of that. So boring, so dramatic, so… So too much. I couldn’t stand that anymore.

The end of the first episode is ok, but it didn’t get me emotionally because I have already know what is going to happen. Thanks spoilers!

I have tried watch the second episode, but I couldn’t. None of the characters gets me.


P.S.: Please don’t hate me, people. I’m just writing to practice my English. I have just put here words that was going through my mind. I haven’t even explained why I think the show is boring. I just write it. So, if you know English better than me, please correct me (grammatically), if you can.

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