Friends’ 25 anniversary


Today is Friends’ birthday. The show was released twenty-five years ago and still keep the attention of the young people around the world. The same world that have changed so much since 1994. For example, the absence of the black people, that was notice just twenty years after the show has started on TV, now probably would cause some problems for the show.

I haven’t watched Friends when it was on the air because I didn’t have cable TV. In 2005, I remember having lunch in my friends’ house and there it was: the show on TV. I stopped and watched a little. I remember the episode. Is that one witch Ben Stiller. Even thought I didn’t follow the show at that time, I realize some sparkles between Rachel and Ross.

And it was strange when I finally started watch the show, in 2012. The only memory I had at that time was that single one episode, that was totally out of the big picture that Friends was.

I have picked the pilot and binge-watch this until the final, and sad, episode. And I did that a lot then. I think that I have watched Friends, the beginning until the end, four our five times. And every single time I laugh. Even now, if I’m not so good, I pick one random episode of Friends and relax.

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